Architect-Forum's Designer Testimonials

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Dear Architect-Forum

I took course sponsored by StronGo and found the course was excellent, straight forward, with concise information that was easy to take notes for reference on the test.  I am planning to take another course next week to complete my HSW requirements.  I will definitely promote this to my colleagues and others throughout my firm.  I appreciate your quick response to my request for the certificate of completion.  Thanks

Anthony Wutsch

Dear Architect-Forum
I am pleased to write you and thank you and the staff at Architect Forum for the very valuable service you are performing to the profession.  Rather than finding the new requirement for Continuing Education a burden, thanks to your organization it was a pleasant learning experience taking the course and related quiz.  It was great to be able to do in my own home according to my schedule.  The best thing is I really learned something about the barrier requirements and a product that complies. I shall continue to use your services for future requirements of continuing education for Architects.  Thanks again for your help in complying with the requirements.
William Love FAIA

Dear Architect-Forum

Thanks for your assistance in helping me meet my AIA/CES requirements for the year. Having only relied on traditional methods (conventions, seminars, etc.) in the past, I came up short on credits this year. With time running out and no budget for travel, I looked to Architect-Forum.com for assistance. I found the web site easy to navigate and the course offerings interesting. I took three courses and passed all three in one afternoon.

 Thanks again for your help and I recommend your web site to any Architect in need of AIA continuing education requirements.
Bruce B. Cantrell, AIA, LEED AP

Dear Architect-Forum

The website and the course are great. the graphic are nice, colorful and easy to read, the instructions are easy to follow and the course content is very good ( I didn't expect to learn something new, but I found that many things I didn't know about…ex: detailed ADA codes, comparison strength and durability of different materials, products in the market…etc.) The quiz is also great, it gives me a 2nd chance to have the correct answer. (I love this a lot). And finally, it is free, no hardware, software required and you can do it at anytime anywhere you want (unlike webinars). I could get HSW, SD of AIA CEU (which is hard to find from regular product seminars) in less than 60 minutes during my lunch hour at my desk. It's great to get the direct report to my AIA transcript and immediate PDF of completion to print after the quiz.

I will continue to use the program for other courses available and encourage friends and coworkers to use it.
thank you so much for your e-mail I didn't expect the service or help that comes with the website…nice surprise.

Thank you
Somsri Bond