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1. Before completing the course: If you want a pdf version of the course you can access from within the course or from the course test instructions.
2. After completing the course: First login to our web site, after logging in go to "My Courses" located on the left hand side of the page. Find the course you are looking for, you will see course completed next to the "Go to course" link. Click on the link "Go to course" and on the following page scroll down and click on the "Offline Study Download PDF" button.

The manufacturers get to teach the designer about their product technology and provide them with a FREE learning unit. The idea is to help build brand recognition among the design community in hopes that the designer will want to specify their product in their projects.

Yes, everything on our web site is offered for FREE to the design professional. The purpose of our web site is to help manufacturers promote their product technology.

1. For online programs completed through Architect-Forum with a 80% or higher, you can print your certificate of completion upon completion or from your A-F transcript.
2. For In-Person programs scheduled outside of our web site you will need to contact the product manufacturer. Just make sure and provide your full name, AIA number if available, course title and course number.

1. You do not have to be an AIA to take any of the courses. Courses are free to all design professionals.
2. If you are not an AIA member all you need as proof of completion is the AIA Certificate of Completion, which you can access at any time through your Architect-Forum Transcript.

An A-F account is required in order to access any of our free online programs. Please make sure complete the new member sign up form and make sure to keep it up to date in order for credits to get processed properly.

You can unsubscribe from courses you have not completed at any time. Easiest way to unsubscribe from a courses is to visit the student home and click on the unsubscribe link.

All online courses will be completed through the Architect-Forum eLearning System except for course links located in our Provider Links Page, In-Person programs will be scheduled by the designer through the sponsoring manufacturer.

All of our courses are offered for free due to the generosity of the sponsoring manufacturers.

Architect-Forum does not make your information available to third parties. Your information is secure and only accessed by Architect-Forum's admin and the course sponsors. The information collected is used in the same manner as the information collected at a Lunch and Learn seminar, all information is used to keep record and to report credits on behalf of AIA members. Both A-F and the course sponsors use your information such as contact information for demographic studies and verification purposes. If you feel that your information or your privacy were violated please contact us and we will immediately remove your information from our system.

No, we do not sell your information or share it with other companies. We value and protect your privacy. Our main focus is to help guide the designer to courses where they can learn about product technology. We are the missing link between architects and manufacturers.

1. For any online program on this site where Architect-Forum is the course provider we will process the credits to the AIA on behalf of the designers.
2. For In-Person check with the course provider, most providers will at least process AIA credits on your behalf.

Yes, all of our courses are to AIA registered courses. Most organizations accept AIA learning units. You should still check before you complete a course.

There are three ways you can tell apart completed from not completed courses.
1. One is by looking at the course title in the eLearning System course catalogue. All completed courses will be labeled as completed; the course title will be grayed out.
2.The second way to know if you have completed courses is by checking your Architect-Forum transcript all completed courses will be listed there and you will be able to print your certificate of completion.
3. The third and final way to tell completed courses from not completed courses is by clicking on the My Courses link. This is the place where all courses you have subscribed to and have completed are listed. All completed courses will be labeled as completed and the title will be grayed out.

1. Normally the course will not show up if you have used the search function after starting the test.
2. Another reason why it might not show in your transcript is if you restarted the course after passing the test. When you see the test passing grade exit the course by using the EXIT link located above the course on the upper left hand side.Then check your transcript.
3.If you still do not see the course on your transcript please email and provide your user name, password and contact information along with the course in question. We will look at our data base and make the adjustment.