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Course Sponsor: Ideal Shield

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the variety of guarding products available for use in and around facilities to ensure the safety of pedestrians, valuable machinery, and equipment. This program also reviews applications, installation options, and common product finishes which will assist in making the right decisions for your clients.

Ideal Shield is the manufacturer of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve, the strongest guardrail on the market, and a variety of handrail systems. Our patented line of products saves time, money, and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint. We continue to be the industry leader in facility maintenance solutions with a long list of acclaimed products which also includes sign bases, goal posts (door guarding), column wraps, clearance bars, and more. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors, we continually meet the needs of any facility.
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Course Sponsor: Aldora

Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products is an industry leader in glass and aluminum fabrication and distribution. Aldora features full lines of glass, mirror products,beveling, shower enclosures, tabletops, textured and pattern glass, laminated glass, insulating glass with LowE, glass entrances, hurricane resistant, blast resistant and non-impact aluminum storefront and entrance systems.

NEW: 05-29-2018 | Course No: AAG0802-W | Narration: No | Videos: Yes | Storefront fabrication and delivery is done in two primary ways; stick built transported on glazier work trucks or pre-glazed fabrication followed by jobsite delivery direct from the factory.A majority of framing systems used in the stick built process are flush-glazed, center set weep systems....
Tymetal Corp. AIA CE

Course Sponsor:
Tymetal Corp.

Course No: TY0811-W | Narration: No | Video: Yes | HSW-Yes |

This course contains information that will take a designer through the history of crash rated barriers in the US. It will outline the different organizations and testing criteria involved in certifying a vehicle barrier as “crash rated”. You will be introduced to several aspects of perimeter security and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. This includes some of the design concepts and ideology to achieve the required security level. We will analyze the different types of barriers, both crash and non-crash rated, that may be used as part of threat deterrence. The course also offers some insight into the analysis of site-specific information that may help guide your decisions on what type of barriers to select. Finally we will look at the current climate of vehicle-borne attacks and the security measures being taken to thwart them.
Auto Gate
MTI How to Install Thin Stone with a Rainscreen - Gravity Cavity Installation Video
MTI EIFS Should Drain Video
Experience and building science have shown us the need for drainage in EIFS assemblies. Corrugated Lath Strip™ ensure a 1/8" gap for drainage in water-managed EIFS walls, ensuring that your high-performance walls stay dry and healthy.
Energex One Step Trowel on Membrane

One Step Trowel On Membrane* is a self-gauging application of a liquid membrane that acts as both vapor/air barrier and adhesive. Its patented application produces a level of approximately 1.5 mm membrane and adhesive with standard hand trowel applications. This feature makes drainage system applications fast and easy, saving labor costs of 25% (at least) in efficient application of insulation on air barrier membrane.

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Learn how you can educate design professionals about your products through short product video clips .
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